Fresh Animal Hepatocytes

Fresh-Animal-HepatocytesFreshly isolated animal hepatocytes represent a living biological system in which to measure induction, toxicity, and transporter studies. Fresh animal hepatocytes from BioreclamationIVT are isolated from whole animal livers. We process the tissue the same day to ensure you receive the highest quality hepatocytes. 

BioreclamationIVT offers regularly scheduled monthly animal isolations for male Sprague-Dawley Rat, cynomolgus monkey, beagle dog and ICR/CD-1 mouse. The schedule can be viewed online. Other species are offered and other isolations can be coordinated with customer service.

Email notifications are sent out via our HepatAlert™ system. HepatAlert notifications are sent out for fresh human and animal hepatocytes as well as new cryoplateable human and animal lots. Sign-up today to be added to the list.