Frequently Asked Questions - Immunology Tools

When using IIR in an ELISA assay, please proceed as follows:

1.       Begin by using a concentration of IIR to sample.  This concentration of IIR should be 40ug IIR/0.1ml of sample.  At this concentration, IIR has eliminated HAMA interference in values exceeding 100,000ng/ml of HAMA without effecting Linearity, Precision or Recovery

2.       The IIR can be used in either the sample diluent or the conjugate buffer.  

3.       It appears that IIR seems to have greater efficacy in some assays used in the sample diluent.  However this is assay dependent.

4.       If you use the IIR in sample diluent at 40ug IIR to 0.1 ml of sample, this mixture needs to sit for 45-60 minutes at room temperature prior to beginning the assay as usual.

5.       After confirming the efficacy of IIR at the 40ug/0.1ml of sample, you may then titer the IIR to lower concentrations that work for your assay analyte.  Many of our clients are using IIR in concentrations ranging from 0.8-15.0 ug IIR to 0.1 ml of sample.