Frequently Asked Questions - Documentation

What documentation is included with each shipment?

Every shipment contains a packing slip, labeled product, and Certificate of Analysis. When applicable, data sheets will accompany orders and provide information such as age, gender, and race of individuals. A return waybill will be provided for products shipped in a cryoshipper and that document can be found in the pocket of the cryoshipper cover. Specific information may always be requested.

What information is available about the human donors from which the hepatocytes, microsomes and S9 were prepared?

We generally provide the following information about each of the donors on the COA:
Age, Gender, Race, Tobacco Use, Alcohol Use, Prescription Medication Use, Non-prescription Drug Use, Significant Medical History, Cause of Death

For ethical and privacy reasons we do not provide any information which might identify the donor.

Where can I find product COAs?

We maintain electronic files of all COAs. Requests for a copy of any COA can be sent to 

Where can I find characterization information for hepatocyte, microsome and S9 products?

The characterization information for cryopreserved hepatocytes, microsomes and S9 products can be found online by viewing the Characterization Tables. Alternatively, there are characterization information found on the respective product pages under the characterization tab.