Frequently Asked Questions - Normal Human Biological Matrices

Can I request specific inclusion / exclusion criteria?

We can prospectively collect samples from normal donors that meet your study requirements. Inclusion and/or exclusion criteria can be specified such as age, gender, ethnicity, smoking status, BMI, blood type etc. Specific questions can also be added to the case report form for further screening.

What donor information can you provide?

We provide standard information such as age, gender, and ethnicity. Additional information can be provided upon request.

Are your normal human samples IRB approved and collected from consented donors?

Yes, all samples are collected from consented donors under IRB approved protocols at our FDA licensed donor center.

How much blood can you collect from a normal donor?

We can draw up to 50 mL in vacutainers, as well as a full unit (approximately 450 – 500 ml).

How are your donors confirmed to be healthy?

Donors fill out history questionnaire during the donor screening process. Information is reviewed to confirm normal health status.

Can you collect biological matrices other than blood?

Yes, we can easily collect saliva, urine, swabs, and other non-invasive biologicals. We can also collect sputum, cerebral spinal fluid, bronchial lavage, bone marrow and other specialty products.