Frequently Asked Questions - Shipping

How are products shipped?

Domestically we ship products via FedEx overnight. For international shipments our logistics team will coordinate with you to determine the best carrier; transit times will vary depending on your location and the customs clearance process.

What packaging is used for shipments?

Our products are shipped in insulated Styrofoam containers, with dry ice (-80° C), cold packs (2- 8° C), or at ambient temperature (25°C); depending on your specifications. Hepatocyte products are shipped in a cryoshipper (-150° C). Special packaging is also available for extended transit times (up to 7 days).

Can you ship to countries outside of the United States?

Yes, we can ship outside of the United States, and our experienced international logistics team can provide support by guiding you through the process of obtaining any permits or documents that may be required for shipment.

Can you ship our products to a third party or to multiple locations?

Yes, we can ship your product to a third party, and we can split shipments to multiple locations (both domestic and international) as well.

Can you ship Cynomolgus, Rhesus, or other Non-Human Primate material internationally?

Yes, we can ship Cynomolgus, Rhesus, and Non-Human Primate material outside of the United States.

Can you ship on Fridays or over the weekend?

Yes, if product is needed urgently, we can use special packaging to ship for delivery on Saturday or Monday morning.

Can you draw samples and ship for us to receive on the same day?

Yes, depending on your location and the product required.