BioreclamationIVT Locations

North America

BioreclamationIVT - NY
P: +1 516 483 1196
F: +1 516 483 4683

BioreclamationIVT - Baltimore MD
P:+ 1  410 394 7600
F: +1  410 455 1245

BioreclamationIVT - Chestertown MD
P:+ 1 410 810 7506
F: +1 410 810 7508


Brussels, Belgium
(Hepatocytes, Microsomes)
P: +32 2 808 8278
F: +32 2 706 5017

Sera Laboratories International Ltd, a Division of BioreclamationIVT
West Sussex, United Kingdom
P: +44 0 1444 250010
F: +44 0 1444 250066


BioreclamationIVT India PVT Ltd.
Bangalore, India
P: + 1 516 483 1196


BioreclamationIVT Distributors


Veritas Corporation Tokyo, Japan
P: +81  3 3593 3211
F: +81  3 3593 3216

RILD - Research Institute for Liver Diseases
Shanghai, China
P: +86 21 5080 5153
F: +86 21 5080 0743


 Small Animal Facility

BioreclamationIVT owns and operates a 25,000 square foot state of the art animal facility upstate NY which serves as the Company's rodent and small animal facility. Currently, the facility houses breeding operations for the Company’s core Rat, Mouse, Guinea Pig, Hamster and Gerbil colonies. 

The site also conducts blood and tissue collection operations. The central location of the Facility in Upstate New York permits the Company to receive weekly shipments from vendors such as Charles River and Envigo of specialty strains of mice and rats for which the Company does not currently maintain active core colonies. The Facility is unique in that all rodent blood collection is performed via the sterile cardiac puncture technique into Becton Dickinson vacutainers and further processing is performed at the on-site laboratory. The Facility's blood and tissue collection program is currently operating 6 days per week to meet the increased demands of our customers.

Current NY Core Colonies include:

Core Rat Colonies
Sprague Dawley
Hanover Wistar
Fisher 344
(Any other commercially available strain may be requested)

Core Mouse Colonies
Swiss Webster
(Any other commercially available strain may be requested)

Core Guinea Pig Colony
Dunkin Hartley

Core Hamster Colony
Golden Syrian

Core Gerbil Colony


Primate Facility

BioreclamationIVT owns and maintains domestic colonies of both Cynomolgous and Rhesus Monkeys, in South Carolina, for the sole purpose of collecting, and providing our client with whole blood, serum and plasma from healthy naive animals. These animals are housed and maintained at an AAALAC accredited facility and are under the care of BioreclamationIVT's on site veterinarian. This unique structure offers several advantages to BioreclamationIVT's clients.